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I've finally updated Coming Home for Christmas and just in time for your Christmas treat from me!  It's now out of Amazon's Kindle Unlimited as I wanted readers on all platforms to be able to buy and read it, but I've asked them to update the book files of all previously downloaded books.  If you'd already bought it and want the new version NOW, please contact Amazon and ask for an updated copy.

As we come to the end of 2015, I'm reflecting on my writing career, see post.  I've always kept my prices affordable, knowing that most of my readers lack the means to purchase my work at higher prices.  All I'd hoped for in return was that my readers show a little appreciation by spending a few minutes of their time posting a review of any story they read.  Sadly, this in not happening and my books look bare compared most books on Amazon, in particular, where most good books now attract well over 100 reviews apiece and sometimes in a matter of days.  Reviews are an important source of feedback - they help me as an author refine my writing, and other readers decide whether or not to purchase books.  If you read any of my books, please leave a review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, iTunes or Kobo, thanks.

Feel free to enjoy Free Reads and Blog posts here on my website.  Or contact me: Lexyharper@aol.com.

Lexy xxxx

Now Updated!




Revised December 20, 2015.  Published by Ebonique Publishing.

Abigail Foster is thrilled that her husband David is returning home for the holidays.  He’s been recently injured in the line of duty in Afghanistan and although he says he’s fine, she needs to see him to reassure herself that he didn’t sustain any lasting injuries.

Anticipating days and nights of bliss, she’s shocked when he turns up with Corporal Lawrence Pickering in tow.  The man may have saved David’s life, but she has not seen her husband in months!  How can they enjoy the perfect homecoming she’s planned when the other man is in the bedroom next door and the walls of their home are as thin as paper?

And why is Mr Pickering so tall…so strong…and so good looking?

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